Dog Day Care

Doggy day care is perfect for owners who can’t be with their dogs for longer periods of time. From 10am – 4pm, your dog will be out and about, playing, running and having fun with other dogs.

pet finchley dogs sitting

Pick up/drop offs included too, your dog will be involved in 3 walks plus some relax time, water and healthy snacks to keep them fuelled up. Meaning that when you return home from work or a day out, your pup will have had their exercise needs taken care of, so you can relax with a chilled out pooch.

10am – 4pm is perfect for normal office hours or for when you’re out fo the day!

pet finchley dogs

Dog Day Care Charges:

  • Full Day: £35.00
  • 1/2 day (10am-2pm or 12pm-4pm): £30.00

Bank Holidays will be charged at double the standard rate.