Puppy Care

Introducing a puppy into your home can be both exciting and daunting. We can help you to adjust to puppy ownership and advise you with any tips and tricks for your new family member.

Puppies need to be exercised differently to adult dogs and so this is always important to factor in which service is best suited. 

Puppy socialisation is the most important step towards your puppy becoming a confident and well-behaved dog. The easiest way to do this, is to allow them lots of positive experiences meeting and playing with other dogs and people. Through lockdowns and working from home situations, this can be tricky! But sending your puppy on a small group walk once or twice a week can really help them to benefit from the pack environment and learn from both their peers and us!

Puppy care - cute puppy

Puppy Visits

30 minute visits that involve toilet training, playtime, interaction to break up the day, strolls/carries around the neighbourhood, feeding/watering, changing puppy pads, etc.

Suitable for puppies pre & during the vaccination process.

Every visit includes: > Cleaning of food & water bowls > Fresh food & water as instructed >  Play time  > Home security check > Watering of indoor plants as required > Curtains opened & closed > Lights on & off as required!

During our visit we can also open & close your curtains, turn lights on & off and feed any other small animals that you may have such as: Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Fish etc….all at NO extra cost to ensure your home remains secure!

  • One visit per day: £17.00
  • Two visits per day: £27.00

Bank Holidays will be charged at double the standard rate.

Puppy Day Care

Puppy day care is suitable only once your vet has given permission for them to be able to explore the outside world, after all their vaccinations. Only really necessary if you were to be out for the whole day, we can also mix walks and visits to create the right amount of exercise and interactions needed for the time that you’re away.

We will collect them for their first morning walk between 10am – 12pm where they can play and run safely with similar puppies and smaller dogs. We then drop them back to your home for their lunch and nap time so they can rest well. Between 2pm – 4pm, we then collect them again to have another hours play.

This allows the owner to still be out for the day, but know that their puppy isn’t sat alone at home and has also had adequate down time which is essential for growing puppies and their limbs.

  • 10am – 12 & 2pm – 4pm = £35.00 (Mon – Fri only)

Bank Holidays will be charged at double the standard rate.

We pride ourselves on the services we offer, reliability and most importantly the welfare of the animals that are placed in our care.

Part of our service includes a ‘Profile’ of every animal in our care which includes specific information relating to Diet, Play, Behaviour, Vets details and Emergency contact numbers.

Please call us for more information and our availability to help care for your puppy.